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Our customers are our business. All the wonderful products and services in the world are worthless without good customers. Please call our number for any question about future programs or programs in progress: 1-512-218-0161.


First, have your fundraising leader or sponsor call Watts Fundraising, 1-512-218-0161, or e-mail info@wattsfundraising.com. Tell us about the goals and plans of your group. We can make several recommendations from our arsenal of products and then YOU make the decision. In most cases, we can get your sale off and running within a couple of days if necessary.


Watts Fundraising, in most cases, can provide a representative to present your program to your group. We will explain the program, seller incentives and hand out all necessary materials to make your fundraiser successful. If we can't be present we will explain to your leader how to successfully kick-off your sale.


You may choose to have your sellers collect money while taking orders or collect money when product is delivered. Most groups choose to collect money up-front for convenience. It is important for the group to have a deadline for the sale as sales generally should last 1 to 2 weeks. Watts Fundraising will provide you with tally sheets and envelopes for record-keeping during collection.


Delivery on all of our products usually is from 1 week to 3 weeks. We give our customers at least 1 week notice about their fundraiser delivery.


Watts Fundraising offers pre-packaging by student order on most of our products. If requested, we will also pack the student prizes with their orders. Simply hand the student their product box and you are done!


Watts Fundraising unconditionally guarantees our products for any reason. No questions asked.


Phone: 1-800-218-0161 Email: info@wattsfundraising.com

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